concrete levelling saskatoon

Concrete leveling is an affordable and fast way to restore your sunken concrete driveway. The cost of a new driveway in Saskatoon can be anywhere from $8000- $20,000, by using Envirojacks method you can save thousands! A sunken driveway can be repaired the same day rather than waiting weeks for a new driveway to be removed, disposed, repoured and cured. Often it is only one or two small areas that have sunk so it makes good sense to utilize concrete leveling to fix the problem areas rather than removing the entire driveway.

Envirojacks concrete leveling method is to assess the sunken concrete driveway, identify any issues that could have caused it, drill small holes in the driveway, lift and fill, effectively raising the concrete back to it’s optimal position.

A sunken driveway doesn’t have to be a huge expense or take weeks to fix, we can do it the same day.


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